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Wednesday 11 July 2012
 Not the Box Hill News

Caliing all scooters

NT sticks to its plans

No heavy breathers

Box Hill Tube

Is your bin laden?

Room with a view

Scoot along to village hall

Mobility scooter owners in Box Hill will shortly receive a letter instructing them to take their vehicles to the village hall for inspection. "Some mobility scooters lack the necessary radio interference suppression," said a BBC spokesperson "And their use will interfere with the transmission of television pictures during the Olympic road race. Our technician will test each of the scooters, and, where necessary, issue prohibition orders for the duration of the event."

National Trust sticks to its plans

According to the National Trust, the trees that have been felled for the Olympic road race will be reinstated in the coming autumn. Apparently the trees are in storage in a field near Guildford, and the National Trust intends to glue them back onto their original stumps, which have been numbered for the purpose. "This will be a large and expensive task," said the National Trust Area Manager, "And local residents can help by donating large tubes of Bostik or UHU." It is hoped that all the trees can be reinstated before their leaves fall off.

No heavy breathers on Ziz-Zag Road

Concerned about the environmental effect of so many people visiiting the Zig-Zag area of Box Hill during the Olympics, the Countryside Commission is to impose some restrictions on cars using the road after the cycling event. "The Olympics will severely compromise this area of Special Scientific Interest," said a Commission spokesperson, " And one way in which the delicate flora can be given a chance to make a full recovery is by limiting carbon dioxide emmissions in the area."

This will be achieved by locating roadside test stations at the top and bottom of the Zig-Zag Road. All vehicles will have to stop at the stations where a simple test will determine if the vehicle may continue. All those with CO2 tailpipe emissions in excess of 120 g/km wil be instructed to find an alternative route.

"This is only a temporary measure," explained the spokesperson, "and we hope to be able to restore the Zig Zag Road to full use by April 2015.

Northern Line to to reach Box Hill

In a move to encourage more Londoners to take to the countryside, TfL is expected later this year (2012) to authorise an extension of the London Underground Northern Line to Box Hill. According to a source close to the Mayor, the entrance will be located near the old House of Easement on Boxhill Road, and plans for the site include a fast-food restaurant and take-away, a motorcycle outlet and 24-hour repair centre, and a night club. Completion of the work is expected to coincide with the opening of the new Donkey Green housing estate in 2015.

"We accept that the escalators will be quite long," said Tiffany Dell of TfL, "But when all those mothers and children from inner city estates reach the fresh air, it will be worth it. And given that most of them are not in full-time employment, they will be able to enjoy Box Hill any day of the week." When asked about the impact of all these visitors on the village of Box Hill, Ms Dell replied: "We are only talking thousands each day, not tens of thousands." TfL points out that all the visitors will be handed leaflets as they leave the station, explaining how to dispose of their burger boxes and cans in an environmentally friendly manner.

Is your bin laden?

Residents of Box Hill are going to be asked to share their wheelie bins. In a cost-cutting measure, adjacent properties will soon receive a letter instructing them to share a bin with their next-door neighbour. This is the first stage of an ongoing bin-reduction programme authorised by central government.

"In a close-knit community such as Box Hill," said a spokesperson, "We are certain that adjacent householders will do the neighbourly thing and not expect every dwelling to be permitted the luxury of an exclusive bin in these austere times." Those seeking privacy, even in matters of waste disposal, will be able to purchase opaque modesty bags from selected outlets. The new rules will also apply to the waste food bins.

In a further measure to cut costs, a Wheeled-Bin (Green or Black) Deployment Officer has been appointed and he will precede the waste-disposal truck on foot to estimate the amount of free space in each bin prior to collection. For any given street, he will then calculate the total volume of free space in the bins, extrapolate that on a monthly basis and then determine the Bin Quotient for every street. Thus, in a street where the average free space in any bin is 25 per cent of its total volume, that street will be obliged to surrender 25 per cent - or one in four - of its bins and share the remainder.

Room with a view  

In respect of the forthcoming international cycle race, it has been decided that occupiers of houses on or adjacent to Boxhill Road will be charged a Privileged View Fee (PVF) in line with fees charged to other spectators.  

The PVF will be applied on a sliding scale. Those dwellings with a frontage on Boxhill Road itself, or with a private driveway leading to it, will be charged £10 per occupant. Dwellings located between 50 and 250 metres from Boxhill Road will be charged £7.50 per occupant, and all other dwellings will face a bill of £5.00 per occupant. These charges do not include VAT.  

The PVF will appear as a surcharge on 2013 Council Tax invoices. Those paying the Council Tax by direct debit will be entitled to a 5% discount. Residents aged 85 and over will be exempt from the Privileged View Fee.

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