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ItemPersonal Performance Life Coaching 
DescriptionCoaching challenges you to strengthen your skills, competence and confidence in home life and work to enable you to accomplish more of what you want - to make those dreams a reality. 
Do any of these sound familiar?
*  Life/work is too stressful and you can't seem to think clearly. *  Your confidence/motivation is low and is hindering your performance. *  You want to be fitter and healthier. *  You have a vision for your future and you're keen to make it happen. *  There are challenges in a relationship. *  You want to build up a new business. *  Middle age/retirement has somehow happened and life's a bit dull and boring. *  A significant life change is having a negative affect on your behaviour. *  Your low self esteem is holding you back. *  You want to excel in a sport or other activity.
What is Coaching?
It is about helping a client to get the best performance out of themselves - the potential for which was already there.  Coaching is about releasing that potential.  Coaching is about looking at your life in such a way that you can make effective changes to achieve your goals.  Its an interactive process that helps individuals to develop more rapidly and to produce more satisfying results. Coaching is all about looking forward to a brighter future.  You have all the answers - you just don't realise it yet.
How would I find it useful?
  As a coach, Laraine enables a client to: *  Find their own motivation. *  Define and achieve their own goals. *  Focus on key results and outcomes. *  Discover from within their full potential. *  Produce that performance.
  About Laraine
Laraine Burnett is a professionally qualified  Personal Performance Life Coach, specialising in Confidence Coaching.  She uses her NLP (Neuro Linquistic Programming) and Hypnothearpy skills to enhance and compliment sessions as appropriate. Coaching is a two way process in which Laraine helps her clients build their competence and confidence.
"It has been a tremendous pleasure to have been coached by Laraine.  She has been hugely supportive of the challenges that i bought to the sessions and her positive and caring style has helped me to explore areas of limiting beliefs sensitively.  She has enabled me to refocus on specifically what was truly important to me.  With her friendly style and encouragement, i have moved forward in leaps and bounds rather than incremental steps.  She has a natural and innate ability to draw out the best".  Kate Richards, July 2009
Laraine has helped me to lift confusion.  She did this by working through some specific short term session goals.  The coaching has made a huge difference to my life.  i have been able to develop a personal career development plan and further to understand how to achieve a work/life balance.  The coaching has supported me in achieving a promotion at work.  Laraine has given me many tools and methods to enable me to reach my potential.  The experience has been absolutely fantastic and i am so positive about my future.  Laraine is very easy to converse with and i felt comfortable in opening up to her.  Clare Woollam,  September 2009
At the conclusion of 6 coaching sessions with Laraine, i can whole heartedly say that i feel totally in control of my life and i feel at ease with myself and very happy to be me.  I have now found this inner strength that spurs me on and is leading me towards achieving my goals.  I am now living the life that i always wanted to live, it's no longer a dream, it's a reality and i have a whole journey ahead of me to enjoy.  Thanks Laraine, you made the difference.  Rebecca Owens,  December 2009

    I look forward to your call either at home on 01737 843579 or mobile on 07795 324962
Because you are worth it
Posted by laraine burnett 
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